Mother’s Day Gifts That Really Matter (A Gift Giving Guide for Dads)

Mother’s Day Gifts That Really Matter

Every year my husband asks me what I want Mother’s Day. And every year I have the hardest time coming up with an answer.

I don’t necessarily “want” or “need” anything. I feel so grateful everyday to have the opportunity to raise these little humans and do it alongside such a wonderful man. But it got me thinking about what Mother’s Day gifts really matter.

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If I could have one thing, what would it be? This question got me thinking about what refreshes me, and what makes me a better mama. I also asked some fellow mamas what they would want. Here’s a list of what I, and many other mamas, are wanting this Mother’s day. And for those on a strict budget, most of these are FREE!

  • A nap. Now, I know this seems like an easy one. But it’s going to take some planning. We cannot take a nap if we can hear the children. We love them, but we don’t want to hear them. So taking them outside or even on a little adventure would be perfect. Two hours would be ideal.
  • A FULL day off. When you’re a mom raising toddlers, you are never really at rest during the day. They are all-consuming and we’re keeping them alive, so they require a lot of attention. What would be AMAZING is a full day off. A day when the kids are taken care of all day long, and we get to do whatever we want. When we can get a break from all the responsibilities of taking care of our family and household, then we can really relax.
  • Weekend getaway. Or date night. Whatever fits your budget. But here’s the deal dads, YOU have to plan it. It takes so much stress off of us when you plan the date or the getaway. If you can take care of setting up childcare, we would be forever grateful. Also, extra bonus points if you can keep this a surprise.

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  • Maid Service. I love taking care of my family. A big part of that includes keeping a clean home. Deep cleaning can be a daunting task when you have toddlers, and takes a lot of strategy to make it happen. If it’s one visit from a maid, or a yearly service, anything would be appreciated!
  • Pampering. A massage, a pedicure, a facial. All of these would be included in the pampering category.
  • Uninterrupted sleep. Do you have a baby that doesn’t sleep through the night? As much as we don’t mind getting up with those babies, an uninterrupted nights sleep would be a dream come true. Offer to take the night shift and let your wife sleep. If the baby is still nursing and won’t take a bottle, you may need to just offer a nap instead.
  • A handmade gift. Some of my favorite gifts are the ones my husband made with the kids. It’s because it takes a lot of effort to do that. Sentimental things like that mean the world to us. Get your Pinterest scroll on and see what you can make!

Mother's Day Thumbprint Art Painted Flower PotsMother's Day Special Plate CraftMother's Day Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

There are a lot of options there, and I think I speak for most moms when I say, the meaningful gifts are our favorite. While a new purse or outfit would be great, it’s not what we’re going to remember. We’ll remember the handprint craft you made and the special moments you created. It warms our heart to know that you really wanted to make our day special.

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This will forever hang in our house. We have backyard chickens and my husband used his and our daughter’s handprint to make chickens. Out of all the Mother’s Day gifts, this one meant the most.

Mother's Day Chicken Handprint Craft

So remember, a day full of pampering would be amazing. But what pulls at our mama heart strings are the meaningful, well thought out gifts. We are constantly thinking of you and the kids, and what you all need. It feels so good to be thought of as well. And make sure you tell us that you appreciate us, that one will be the icing on the cake!


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