Being a Stay at Home Mom while Pursuing Your Dreams

It’s ok to be a stay at home mom and pursue your dreams!

Can we have an honest moment? I thought being a stay at home mom meant that I literally take care of my kids 24/7. No working outside of the home. Playdates a couple days a week, max. When I had my first child, I assumed that meant everything else was on hold. I’ll raise babies, then pursue my passions when they’re older. At that time I had only been a nurse for about two years and wasn’t ready to give that up completely. I found an amazing sitter for my daughter and worked one day a week until I had my second child, then worked two-three times a month after that. Initially I felt bad about that choice, but slowly realized I wasn’t making a mistake. I also had a photography business on the side, but didn’t fully dive in until about a year into my motherhood journey. There were always so many dreams and passions inside of me, I just didn’t know how to merge them with my biggest dream, which was being a mom.


I’m only three and a half years into this motherhood thing, but God has been showing me some things that I never thought were possible. I’m realizing that when I leave my kids with someone I trust to go do something I want to do – it makes me better. I love being a nurse. Leaving my daughter once a week to go pursue something I love did not make me a bad mom, but a better mom. 

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I knew I wanted to stay home with my kids if at all possible. My husband is a big supporter of that and works hard to make sure that can happen. But when these dreams came up in me I had a hard time understanding what to do with them. I loved photography and am now falling more in love with blogging each and every post, but is that ok? Will my kids be disappointed that Mom may be gone a little more than I was before?

We’ve made some major adjustments in our family. My husband went from working swing shift (12 hour shifts including days and nights) to working from home. That’s another post for another day, but the story of how we got here is definitely something I want to share. Having that kind of flexibility has opened so many doors for our family.

Here’s what happens when I spend time doing something I love:

  • I am refreshed
  • I am more kind
  • I am more patient
  • I am more understanding
  • I am more thankful
  • I feel accomplished
  • I am the best version of myself

I cannot even being to tell you the amount of joy I get from raising these two little girls. I love being able to stay home with them, love on them, clean up after and with them, take care of them. I genuinely do love fostering their gifts and holding their hands through the trying times. What I’ve realized is that along with being a mom, I have other dreams and passions I didn’t even know existed. Figuring out how to merge all of these things together has been difficult, but one thing rings true: I am a better mom when I do something for myself. And it is not selfish, by any means. Our children deserve the best version of ourselves we can give them, and if that means you start a blog, a business or another endeavor – go for it. I’m thankful we live in a world where we can pursue our passions and still stay home with our babies. Thank you, internet. I do my best to make the most of nap time and wake up before my kids so I can be present with them throughout the day. Spoiler alert – I am far from perfect at that. I’m currently nursing my youngest back to sleep so I can finish this post. You just do what you gotta do!

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Meg Meeker said, “The most powerful way to teach a daughter how to enjoy life is for her to see her mother doing the same.” I want my children to see me living a life that is full and focused on running this race for Christ at my highest potential. As I get a clearer perspective on this, I feel more and more at peace with the decisions I’m making for my family.

 “We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.” Romans 8:28 (VOICE)

If you are in the same boat, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are my hopes and dreams?
  • Are they in line with what God wants and what the Word teaches?
  • How will pursuing them make my family better?
  • How will they make me better?
  • What will it teach my children?

To sum it up – taking time away from my kids makes me a better mom. And friends, that is ok. Let go of the guilt, let go of the pressure. You are doing a great job, and you are making eternal differences in the lives of your littles. Keep pursuing your goals, dreams and passions. There are so many ways to merge them into Motherhood. You were created this way for a reason, dreams are put in our heart for a reason. Motherhood is not a hindrance, but an open door to see what else God has for us.

Tackling Your Goals: 2018

It’s that time of year again. We are ready for a fresh start. Another chance to tackle our goals. I found myself writing down my goals for this year and thinking, “are these really going to happen?” I felt hopeful, but unsure.

The only person that can complete my goals is me. Captain obvious wanted to send a quick reminder. We are in control of this. We may be knee deep in laundry, diapers, and legos. But we are still in control of tackling our goals. And it is possible!

Every year I pray that God will send me a word. Just one word that I need to focus on for 2018. I kept coming back to the word “Simplify.” That’s what my goals will center around this year. Simplifying my home, my schedule, and my life. As moms, I feel as if we live in this overwhelmed state. The “I can’t catch up because I don’t even know where to start” mentality. I’ve made a few changes in our routine and gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF in the past few months. Why are we holding onto all this stuff? I kid you not – at least 20 trash bags have gone out of my house and into the homes of others that were in need. And guess what – I don’t miss it. I don’t regret it. Emily Ley, author of A Simplified Life recommends that you only hold onto the best, the favorite and the necessary. That made my decluttering process so much easier. To learn more about simplifying, I highly recommend reading A Simplified Life. Game changer for sure.

Another goal we have for this year is to spend more quality time together. My husband started working from home a few months ago. It has been wonderful having him around more, but not without its challenges. We had to really buckle down on our schedules to give each other work hours as well as some quality time together. We deemed Friday night as family night. I don’t cook (can I get an amen?) and we either order take out or go treat ourselves somewhere. Whatever we do – we stay off our phones and devote our time to each other. And before you start romanticizing that idea, remember that we have two toddlers. It’s quality, yet chaotic time together. But we make the most of it.

We also decided on twice a month date nights. Unfortunately, my parents and my husband’s parents live out of state. Between paying a babysitter and what we spend on the date – we decided to limit it to two a month. Another way my husband and I try to spend time together is in the car. Once the girls are buckled in and (hopefully) happy, it’s a great chance for us to catch up.

What are your goals for 2018? Comment  below so we can encourage each other to make and complete our goals this year!! Can’t wait to hear from you.