Please Stop Telling us we are “in for it” when the Teenage Years Come.

I was a teenager once. I had an attitude problem. I disobeyed. I was unkind to my parents. I made bad decisions. I didn’t have a full on rebellion, but many of my peers did. And I know it’s possible. I have no doubt that raising teenagers is going to be extremely difficult.

With that said, let’s talk about what we, as young moms, keep hearing from moms of teens. We are constantly being told that we are “in for it” when we hit the teenage years. Whether they are raising teens or their kids are out of the house, not many people have anything good to say about the dreaded teenage years. And again, I know they will not be easy. But when someone tells me that I should enjoy this time now because of how bad it’s going to be, it puts fear in my heart and is very discouraging.

I’m raising two toddlers. It is a daily challenge to keep a good attitude, be patient and speak kindly to my children. When I hear that it’s going to get so much worse, it crushes my spirit. I already feel like I’m in the diaper and tantrum trenches at times. I need to be encouraged during this time, I need to hear that we are not all doomed because one day our kids will be teens.

Emily Ley, Simplified Planner, Grace Not Perfection

My prayer and my hope is that these words will not ring true. I know my kids will struggle through the teenage years, but my prayer is that the investment I am putting into them now, will come to fruition as they grow. That our relationship will have ups and downs, but the foundation will be strong. I pray that when those hard moments come, they won’t define who they are. They won’t define their teenage years. I have hope that as their parents, we can somehow turn the hardest moments into teaching opportunities. I pray that we can show them the forgiving, understanding and loving characteristics of Christ.

Now, if you have teenagers and you’ve got a good eye roll going on, bare with me. I do not fully know what we will deal with in those years. I know that it will be tough. But since we do not know what it will be like, let us have hope. Let us keep a positive attitude instead of speaking negatively about a season we’re not even in yet. Instead of telling us we’re “in for it,” just encourage us. We know you’ve got some wisdom up your sleeve because you have more experience than we do. Share it with us. We already know it’s going to be hard, we hear it all the time. But instead of treating kids getting older as a downward spiral, give us some hope we can hold on to.

Please know that as a mom of young children, I am enjoying it. What I normally hear is that I should “enjoy it now, because it’s going to get so much worse.” I cherish the moments I want to remember and try to forget the ones that made me cry in the grocery store. We are soaking it in. And we know it is going to fly by. I’m not sure that any season of motherhood is easy. Let’s try our best to encourage each other, no matter what season of motherhood we are in.

With love and donuts,


Ergo 360 Baby Carrier

Every Friday, I’m going do a blog post highlighting a product that I absolutely love! I’m really excited about this, because there are so many things that have made my mom life easier, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

First up, is the Ergo 360 Baby Carrier. We have been a fan of Ergo from the start, but when they came out with their 360 version, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We were dying to find a safe, ergonomically correct carrier that held our babies front facing.



Pictures c/o Ergobaby

We used the Ergo 360 with our second daughter, and she absolutely loved it. I also loved it. Here’s why:

  • It is ergonomic
  • Forward facing option
  • Privacy hood (50 SPF) for nursing and/or nap time!
  • It has a wide waistband for extra back support (yes, please!)
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Made for 12-45 lbs. But also has an option for a newborn insert
  • It is SO comfortable
  • Very easy to breastfeed
  • Four positions: front carry (facing in), front carry (facing out – 5 months), hip carry (6 months+), back carry (6 months+)

My girls are 18 months apart, so this really was a life saver for me when I had my second! It gave me more confidence when going places because I could easily hold my toddler’s hand. It’s structure is so well made!

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